Our Work in Kenya

The Eusebia Hope Centre is located in Igoji Meru, a rural area in Kenya. It is a registered charity in Kenya and the children’s home is regularly inspected by Kenyan Family and Children’s services.

We are fundraising for a dormitory! Can you help us?

Abandoned children in Kenya.

It provides shelter for approximately 50 children between 6 and 16 years old, who have been orphaned or abandoned. Sadly, we still have to turn away many children at the gates and hope that we will be able to provide for more children as we grow as a charity.

Read some of the children’s stories and find out how Mwenda spends her days at the EHC.

Children living at the Eusebia Hope Centre

When the Centre first opened in 2015, the children were housed in a tin shack. Due to the generosity of donors, we have been able to build a two-room classroom block and buy classroom equipment. The children have received donations of second-hand clothing and toys from the UK, which we were lucky to transport for free to Kenya. We also built a toilet block and a water-tower.  The Centre rents a plot of land where the children grow vegetables with the help of the cook. Currently, we are fundraising for a new dormitory block.

The Centre is run by Tim Njeru. There are two teachers who provide full-time education to the children, but many of the children will start attending a local school soon.  The Centre also employs a part-time nurse who helps those children who need it acquire antiretroviral drugs and looks after the health and well-being of all.

According to a 2017 inspection by the Family and Children’s Services: “The children are happy and thriving well.  They were observed to be well behaved and engaged with the visitors. They appeared clean and well kept and their language was developed. They were wearing clean clothes at the time of this visit.”

Future Needs

Our current big fundraising project is towards building a dormitory block for the children. At the moment, the children sleep on mattresses in one of the classrooms.  We hope to start building the dormitory in 2019.

There are many other things which we  hope to provide in the near future:

  • A playground with playground equipment (swings, slides, etc.)
  • A fence, as the area is very open and vulnerable to break-ins.
  • A larger kitchen.