Current Need in 2022: Sanitation block

In 2022 our aim is to build an improved sanitation block incorporating the use of rainwater harvesting. Caterham School and Oxted Rotary have both kindly donated, and a team at Hazelwood School raised a huge amount during a swimathon in April 2022!

Some of our recent pictures below


2021 Dormitory block – The children now have their very own bed, mattresses and linen after the conversion of the old classroom building. As a result  the children’s sleep has improved significantly with positive effects on their concentration in class, health and well being.

2021 Water Project – thank you Caterham School! With the running water, we are growing vegetables to supplement
what we source from the local market and are also able to plant fruit trees around the Centre. All contributing to the improvement in the health of the children.

2020 – dining area and classroom, kitchen and laundry complex, pictures below

We built a 2-room dormitory in 2019, with a separate room for boys and for girls. Not only is this good for the children’s well-being, it is also required by Kenyan law. Without this, the Centre will not be able to continue functioning in the long run.

As part of the building project, we will also build a new kitchen as the current one is inadequate and a wall to go around the Centre in order to improve safety.