Current Needs: The Dormitory

With your generous help we have now completed this project.  This page will be updated with photos of the completed works soon!

As phase 1 of the Centre’s development, we constructed a two-room classroom building in 2016. The 50 children currently housed in the Centre sleep on mattresses on the floor in the classrooms and pile these up during the day, so they have space for living and learning.


During phase 2 we are planning to build a 2-room dormitory in 2019, with a separate room for boys and for girls. Not only is this good for the children’s well-being, it is also required by Kenyan law. Without this, the Centre will not be able to continue functioning in the long run.

As part of the building project, we will also build a new kitchen as the current one is inadequate and a wall to go around the Centre in order to improve safety.