Our UK Team

EHF was set up in the UK to fundraise for and otherwise support the work of the Eusebia Hope Centre in Kenya. All our work in the UK is undertaken by volunteers.

Tim Dunn (trustee ): Chair

Tim became a Trustee after his visit to the EHF Centre with his family in 2018.  Tim is a partner at Phoenix Equity Partners, where he works with entrepreneurs to grow businesses in the technology and services sectors.  Outside of work, he helps Claire to manage their brood of children and animals and occasionally manages to squeeze in some skiing, cycling and diving.



Christine Black (founder & trustee): Operations

EHF is a charity that is a cause very close to Christine’s heart, having been started by her late mother, Eusebia.  She personally knows the people on the ground delivering services and has knowledge of the history of many of the families EHF have helped. She believes that EHF have significantly changed the lives of children in need from a rural area.  Many people are unaware of the poverty levels in such areas and as a result help is significantly under-resourced.  Christine is an enthusiastic and passionate children’s social worker in a child protection team in the London area, working to protect children from situations of abuse and neglect. She focuses on ensuring that the social, psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing of the children she works with is promoted at all times.

Clare Khan (trustee): Treasurer

Alison Parks (trustee): Donor Relations

Alison got involved with the charity a few years ago after seeing photos of the children at the Centre wearing clothes she had donated. “It was the first time I have actually seen charity working”. Alison’s background is financial but having a family of her own now, she works in a secondary school.



Claire Dunn (volunteer): Facilitator

Claire is passionate about supporting EHF as it’s a financially efficient, grassroots charity which cares for some of the world’s most disadvantaged children. Having visited the Centre in 2018 she has seen first hand the positive difference being made to children’s lives. She has a background in strategy consulting, start-ups and clean tech investment. Currently, she’s managing a property company, 3 young children and a wild assortment of pets.